How to share plugin's data with other clients in team create?


I’m new to plugins and I’m making a notepad plugin that is supposed to refresh for every single developer in my team create session! The thing is that I don’t know if it’s possible to achieve such goal.

Here’s a quick example that shows how it’s gonna work:

So, is it possible to do this or not really? If it’s not, then can Roblox safely add this feature without any issues?

Thanks, have a nice day!

I’d honestly recommend just using a stringvalue stored somewhere unless anyone else has a better method. I don’t do a ton of plugin stuff

How to access the plugin for other developers on team create then?

You don’t need to… just access the stringvalue

Ok but I need to keep the stringvalue inside of the plugin, right? If I put the stringvalue outside of the plugin Model then it’s not gonna save and it will error the next time I try to access it.

It would save, unless the user deletes the notepad string values

So where do I store the stringvalue??

Your choice, pretty much anywhere works I guess?

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But like, I still don’t understand how can i save it “anywhere”. It’s a plugin, plugin is a Model, and everything that I want to be included for that specific plugin needs to be put inside of the Model. Anywhere else won’t work.

Is anyone else willing to help me and answer my questions?