How to show parts collide markers with Join Surfaces disabled?

something goes along like this ss

You can clearly see those white outlines on the parts to collide but with Join Surfaces on, I have to really know if the parts actualy touch eachother by turning Join Surfaces on and the problem being is I don’t want to to Join Surfaces in the first place, any help?

I generally like to use the F3X plug-in because it will show me how many studs I have moved a part as well as let me input exactly where I want to place a part. That way, I can use math to make sure parts are joined properly. (I admit sometimes I just eyeball stuff cuz I get lazy) It took me a bit of playing with the plug-in to realize I actually could do this and at first found it kinda redundant to Studio’s modelling gui, but it actually does have a bit more to it and it really helps. You can also track how much you rotate or resize. Anyway, when I build that way, I don’t have to rely on the white outlines. (and actually I find the outlines annoying and sometime just get in the way when doing detailed stuff)

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