How to show ui from script not parented to startergui

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    im trying to make a game, where there are different things you can test your luck on, and im trying to make a ui show weather you win or not.
  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    i just dont really know how to get started. The script is inside the starterplayer as a local script, and i dont know how to communicate between a local script to the startergui

    any help would be appreciated greatly!!

Things in starterGui gets copied to plr.ScreenGui

This should be working, also I would suggest you put the script inside the part with the proximity prompt as a Server Script so whenever the part’s parent changes, the script still works. Also you can just use workspace instead of game.Workspace.

   local ui = player.PlayerGui.[Your ScreenGui]
   ui.Enabled = true

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