How to simulate night fog/light pollution/whatever

My current showcase takes place in the middle a large city, and I feel it’d look a bit more realistic and atmospheric if it had night fog. In other words, I want to recreate this effect:

Screenshot 2021-02-27 234518

My first instinct was to use the Atmosphere object, but due to its nature (or just user error, who knows lol) of taking colours from skybox input using it with any night skybox (that i know of) simply creates an ominous black haze like this, and I remain unable to change the colour of it.

I know this effect is possible, since I’ve seen it used on other Roblox games, both in-person and in DevForum screenshots. Does anyone know any tricks, tools, or atmosphere/skybox settings I can use to achieve this effect?


Hello myoldfriendsaredjs,

To achieve what you are looking for just takes a little bit of messing around with
the Atmosphere’s properties, but to specifically help you answer why it’s black
and not other color, is because you need to raise the “Haze” so you can start
seeing some color

Here is my starting baseplate:

I am going to SkyBox in order for Atmosphere to work:


Now the Atmosphere is obviously going to be black and dark no matter how you change it
Because right now when it has no “Haze” the fog is just going to reflect the colors of the skybox
instead of using the colors you provide.


To change that just add some numbers to Haze and you will start seeing results.
Now to make it short I will just provide the settings you’re looking for
If you’re looking for this Atmosphere:

Here are the properties of the Atmosphere:
if you don’t like it just mess with the settings, if you want a higher fog raise the Haze
and if you want more color division just rise the Glare.

One more point to note is:

  • Decay color is for Glare
  • and Color color is for Haze

Hope this has helped!

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this method worked, thank you very much

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