How to slow down a moving projectile?

I have made a basic projectile based on egomooses projectile tutorial and I am wondering how would I slow down the projectile? Right now his script has a time function but that just makes the projectile go higher at the same speed how would I go about slowing the projectile down like slow motion basically?

EgoMooses tutorial:’

Sorry but I’m assuming you are using the CFrame movement for a projectile motion.

Moreover, what exactly did you do with the time function theoretically if you dilate the time then it should go slower? To do this did you dilate the time like so:

CFrame =*g*nt*nt + v0*nt + x0);
--dilate time by a factor of two
		nt = nt + rs:Wait()/2

This should create a slow mo effect as you make the time it increments every renderstep smaller by a factor of two. Try it out and see if it works? I’m on mobile sorry.

I will test that, I was using velocity to do it by the way since it requires arc.