How to slow down an animation

Hello everyone. I was making a custom walking animation, and it moves a bit fast. I tried spacing out the keyframes, but Roblox animating editor made the legs fuse at a certain point in the animation, and it looked very stuttery. Is there a way to slow the animation down with scripting or if there is a more local way to do it?

Note: I am not a scripter, I am a builder. I am sorry if this has been posted before, but I can’t figure out how to do this through the editor. I looked for videos on this, but I couldn’t find any.


ok so if you are using moon animator (which I highly recommend) space out the spots in-between the different frames

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Is that a plugin or external software? I prefer not to use external software. It’s just my style.

its a plugin Moon Animator 2 - Roblox

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Is this the original? I don’t want viruses or backdoors in my game.

its good I made this with it

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ok… I can use this to slow the animation that I already made, right?

well… you would need to take that saved animation upload it to moon and then use the frame speed setting there is tutorials on youtube

ok. That might look kinda jittery, so I might do it manually. Thanks for your help. I will actually try both methods, manual and automated.