How to smooth out parabolic motion?

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    I am attempting to make a cannon that shoots in an arc. I can make the part do an arc well but for some reason it is lagging a lot eve though it is using stepped.

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The part is lagging a lot while its in flight but when It disconnects from the stepped it is fine.

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function ProjectileService:FireProjectile(startingPos, Force)
	local projectile = script.Projectile:Clone()
	projectile.Position = startingPos
	projectile.Parent = workspace
	local connection
	local startTime = workspace.DistributedGameTime
	local startingV = 100
	local startingH = startingPos.Y
	connection = RunService.Stepped:Connect(function()
		local timeinSeconds = workspace.DistributedGameTime - startTime
		--currentHeight = quadratic coefficent * gravity(m/s^2) * TimeInSeconde^2 + (StartingVelocity m/s^2 * TimeInSeconds) + height
		local currentHeight = (-.5) * (54.936) * (timeinSeconds^2) + (startingV * timeinSeconds) + startingPos.Y
		projectile.CFrame = + 1, currentHeight, projectile.Position.Z)
		if currentHeight <= -1 then

Are you doing this on the client or the server? Visual things like this can be smoother when done on the client. Also, I think replacing stepped with renderstepped would be worth a try.

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