How to smooth out water?

When ever I place down water it crawls up the sides of terrain around it. Is there a way to smooth out just the water?

Theres a terrain tool named “SeaLevel”, it calculates the material withing the region and if it is air then it gets filled with water

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Well it didnt do anything even when I flooded out in the sea level the water still climbs up the side of terrain.

I know why but then I don’t know how to solve it.
Roblox terrain will always merge and blend with more terrain.
You can see it when you fill two balls very close to each other and thats why water crawls up your terrain.

As @Super_pro322222 points out you will want to use the SeaLevel tool in the editor, but you also need to make sure the edge of your land goes down a bit deeper than the edge of the water or the water will creep up the sides like you mention. See Before and After shots below where the before is the water creeping and the underwater view of the land is thin, in the After the water is level and the underwater shot of the land is thick: