How to solve Roblox security timeout [UserId]?

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  • So my problem is that my game seems to be crashing nearly every PC (And them other console players and mobiles) players and I do not know why
  1. What is the issue?
  • So this error seems to happen at random times and I do not know why it happens.

    Ignore the error under, it happens when the player gets removed from the game
  1. What solutions have you tried so far?
  • I have tried removing scripts and inf loops and found no backdoors. And I am unable to get much about this error. Is it possible if anyone could explain this?

Just found this, also found a relevant bug report listed by the same person:

It’s possible this is a Roblox issue rather than something you’re doing, however it’s impossible to tell. Do you have more information you could share about your game? (is it particularly large, does it use any external logging systems, etc.)

No there aren’t any logging systems and it is mainly a td game. Could this be related to the received network since my game can reach up to 200 sometimes?

Hello to anyone who is looking through this post and possibly having the same problems. I managed to solve this.
Why did this happen?

  • I left inf loops that seem to run until it had “Script timeout: exhausted allowed execution time” :crazy_face:

How did I solve this?

  • I removed the loops and now it seems my game isn’t freezing anymore :grin:

How could you solve this if this happens?

  • Remember to check for any backdoors and mainly inf loops :wink:

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