How to sponsor my roblox experience

hello developers , i’m trying to sponsor my new roblox game “Escape from griamce”

but when i’m trying to click “create sponsored ad” the button dont work
and i want to make ad like the below photo

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It does literally say that you gotta to the ad manager place to advertise. Go to the ad manager page, make an account and then invest.

The old sponsoring system is deleted and ain’t working anymore.

The new one lets you exchange 285 robux = 1 ad ”point”!

You need to use the new Ads Manager page like @mrbulider1 said.
There you’ll have to make an account and purchase Ad Credits with ROBUX or using a card. I’m pretty sure the minimum amount you can purchase is 10 Ad Credits for 2850. Then using your Ad Credits you can create a campaign to sponsor your game and decide a lot of things like: targeted age, targeted devices, targeted countries, how many days the ads should run, how you want to spread your ad credits across using a Lifetime or a Daily Budget.

Good luck, let me know if you need any more help with it.