How to start planning for a game?

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So I have an issue when ever I’m making games I always feel pumped up to do it but I never plan for the game that I’m working on. This causes me to not know what to work on or what to do. But when I do plan it always feels boring and then I stop planning. I really don’t know what to do so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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If it was that easy to make a game, everybody would have a popular game. You need days and weeks maybe even MONTHS, of planning and creating. Planning in general is hard, my advice is to look at other games and maybe find things that you like in these games. And then you can connect all these things into something original ( You can’t copy ofc ).

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I feel you man. I did this a lot. I suggest planning for a game you know you can finish first of all. Not some grand scheme and over the top game. What I do is I lay out all my fresh ideas on my notepad (or somewhere else if you prefer), then I sit at my desk and start practicing what I wrote down on my notepad. The details of the game. How it’ll lay out. I run it back multiple times to see if I get it right and as I progress I feel satisfaction and a sense of “I can’t give up now” emotion that allows me to continue if that makes sense.

Just plan a game that is small for now that tests your skills but not so much as for you to lose motivation, just a kick start. Then once you complete it, learn from it, progress to bigger plans. As I stated before, I suggest you lay it all out so you can envision your game and how epic or cool it’ll be.

Once you start planning, don’t change your idea too much! Stick with as little coding as possible. What I mean by that is don’t change what you’re doing frequently or else you’ll never finish what you initially started. Don’t give up on the game finish it. You’ll probably look back and think “wow I finished it”. Stick with 1 game at a time for now. Then get comfortable and move to 2. I personally stick with 1 game at a time for organization and not to get overwhelmed.

Don’t plan an unoriginal idea! Be creative. You can start with a generic genre of games. Nothing wrong with that. I just think if you start with your own creation, it’s more beneficial. Make out what game you’ll make first.

Make up your mind of planning with a team, or riding solo. Very important. I solo everything rn and it’s such a pain lol. A game consists of many things and different planning phases. So if you’re going in solo. Do it one at a time and don’t bounce around. If you have a team or some friends to help you, then divide the tasks obviously

Learn basics of coding ofc… Basic knowledge > Going in looking for tutorials every 5 minutes.

Oops I typed so much. Sorry but here ig.


First of all WOW. I don’t even know what to say. I will definitely be using your advice from now on. You’ve helped me so much. Really thanks a lot I appreciate. I wish there was more for me to say but just thank you.

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To organize your plan and put deadlines. I would recommend you to use Trello. It will really help you to be organized and stay on schedule.

What you need to do is segment the game into the different core features you plan on having then work on every core feature, also I recommend you try to build a simple prototype of game to test, that is not polished and see the if the core mechanics are fun, and if they are not try making them fun or if not move onto another project because no amount of polish will make a game with boring mechanics fun.