How to stop a local sound to play?

Hey there, I’ve been looking for a solution for my problem for a very long time however I did not found any and I’m not sure if this question belongs into this category, since I do not provide any code, but with SoundService I can get a sound to play by calling SoundService:PlayLocalSound however I can not stop it.
Kind regards, Henrik.

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So do you want only a client to hear the sound? Then I would recommend to actually get the sound instead of calling sound Service. Use a local script

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if you use the *SoundService:PlayLocalSound()* you just cant stop it playing if you want it to stop you should locate the original sound

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if the sound is in workspace you can do

game.Workspace.YourSoundName:Stop() thats what i use


I used to get the sound before instead of calling sound service but for some reason the sound stopped playing for everyone and started for everyone again when I called it again. Thats why I came up with sound service (sound was located in StarterGui and Ive used a local script) the sound stopped playing for everyone.

Starter Gui is client side so you would need to add the sound inside of something server side like workspace.

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Just put the sound inside a LocalScript then play the sound from the said LocalScript, only the client will hear it.