How To Stop An Effect from stopping and reappering suddently

Hello i have this simple effect and i wanted to last forever

Here’s the issue :

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Hi there. What are you using? A particle emitter? A decal?

I am using a particle emitter inside of an attachment

Alright. I couldn’t detect the problem. Everything seems to be running fine. Can you explain the situation?

Well it’s simple i want my effect to rotate indefintly without having this glitchy effect dissappearing and reappearing i tried to change the lifetime to infinite but it dissppeared after a while

Hmm. Any scripts inside of this part causing it to rotate? If so, could you send the script to me?

No i just change the RotSpeed of the particle emitter like so

RotSpeed :100 lifetime : 1 rate : 1.5

Hmm, let me see what I can do. Try increasing the lifetime and seeing if that works in the meantime.

Hey, do you specifically need it to be a particle emitter? If not, try using a decal on a part. Just copy the particle texture id and paste it on the texture.

Here’s some code if you don’t mind this change:

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")
local Studs = 10 -- You can change this to adjust the speed. 
local Part = script.Parent

     local Increment = deltaTime * Studs
     Part.CFrame *=, Increment, 0) -- Change the axis to X, Y, or Z if that works for you.

You can copy and paste this into your script. If you don’t want this change, by all means let me know.

It works but i have another problem the texture is kinda transparent is there a way to adjust brughtness ?

Very sorry for the late reply. There are two things you can do here.

One: Clone the decal to your liking.

Two: Clone the part itself and rotate it in the studio to your liking.

After that, test the game and see how it runs.

Thank you very much for the help ! :heart:

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