How to stop BillboardGUI from getting bigger when you get further away

I have this BillboardGUI that works as a custom overhead name for players but the size keeps getting bigger when you get further away how do I make this stop and have it stay the same size no matter how far you are.

Here is a script I have for it if it helps

The size of the billboard gui should be a scale not offeset.

nameGui.Size ==,0,1,0) -- Example

Also NameLabel should also be a scale not offeset

nameLabel.Size =,0,1,0) -- exactly like this

Since you want the text to be the same size as billboard ^


You need to use Scale, first go onto the billboard gui and use scale in size not offset, Try mess around with it and find the perfect size. Then add that to these values

nameLabel.Size = x axis size you want, 0, the y axis size you want, 0)

Thank you man It works just like I wanted

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