How to stop bullets passing instances

If you don’t know what does the title mean. In every FPS games like Weaponry, Phantom Forces or Arsenal. Their bullet destroys immediately once hit an instances. I mean I want the bullets immediately act once hits an instance instead of passing for 0.2 seconds before destroy. I already setup my own bullet system with Raycast, so please don’t told me to do old Roblox ray method.

Why I make post like this because I want you to clearly understand what I mean and solve only one problem.

Try using a Touched Event or Region3 or even GetTouchingParts
If that didn’t work will checking if the bullet has reached the Raycast.HitPosition work?

The bullet is anchored and moving with CFrame. BodyVelocity can mess up the bullet spawning position.

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Won’t these events still work even when anchored and with moving cframe constantly?

If you’re moving it with CFrames, you should cast a ray from the previous position to the current position and check if it hit anything, if it does: Position it at the hit position, and destroy it

I don’t know how that works. Could you give me an example?