How to stop Exploiters from ruining my game?

Hello, I’m currently running a startup school/town Roleplay game. Recently there have been many exploiters, some worst than others. The most recent wave are ones that seem to be kicking players by making players get the message “kicked due to unexpected client behavior” possibly by unachoring the map or doing something to it to cause said issue.

There are no back doors in my game or building tools/F3X of any sort. I scripted/built mostly everything there myself , and if I do add scripts or models I carefully scan them all. I have tried many things to stop these exploiters but nothing seems to be working. I’m skeptical about using anti-exploit scripts or plugins because those could very well be backdoors themselves.

If anyone has any tips, suggestions, or solutions please let me know. These exploiters are now getting ridiculous and out of hand now that they have the ability to lag players out or kick them with unexpected client behavior. This is really a problem for small games trying to start up.


Hi !
First of all, do you use Adonis or another Admin system ?


Yes I use Adonis.
Note: Just about all abusive commands are limited to me only (creator admin) this includes F3X, unlockmap,etc.

Only commands that are not really limited are bring , m , fly, I even have fun commands disabled.

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there is likely a backdoor somewhere in the game, there shouldn’t be a way for an exploiter to affect another player’s client without there being a backdoor

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What do you think the backdoor could be? I scripted just about everything there minus the Adonis admin system

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This happens due to low-quality connections from the server to the client. It’s probably because of how many items are replicating to each client.

Are you sure an exploiter is able to abuse this? It might be an unknown vulnerability in an admin system or tool you use to manage your game.

If possible, track all usage of remote events and functions across the server while the exploit happens. Then, you can not only see who fired the event, but also you could see which one it is. Now that you’ve figured out the problematic remote event(s), you can either remove them or add sanity checks to server scripts that use them.

Will try and see the remote events in F9.

Yes exploiters can abuse unexpected client behavior, they can also delete parts of the map despite there being no btools in game.

if they can also recolor everything etc then there is 100% a backdoor hidden somewhere within one of your scripts.

I don’t think they can color , they only delete characters and half the world. Also did a deep search and checked every single part and script in game and found no suspicious or backdoors.

Are they deleting the whole character or flinging it out of existence to the point of them respawning? If they are doing the 2nd one, they are likely changing their simulation radius to control the physics of unanchored assemblies.

They are flinging , deleting character, deleted building despite everything in studio being anchored and locked. I believe I solved the exploiter problem once I removed my cars. Oddly enough there was 0 back doors found in them. Strange.

Wait, can you send the car models/scripts if you still have them? If this was really the cause of the problem, I might be able to point it out.

Hey! There are many ways to prevent exploiters from ruining your game. One of the many ways I found to be helpful is making a remote event named something like backdoor or admin menu. Make it whenever it’s fired the player gets kicked or banned.

Although it’s a clever honeypot, that doesn’t necessarily prevent exploiters from ruining your game as exploiters can just simply not fire the remote

True, but if you make it perm ban them when they first use it then they are prevented from ruining the game unless they have an alt.

Just try to know their username and report them and the reason must be cheating/exploiting and type the reason, it’s so simple, and wait 1 day or two and you see them vanished from roblox, if their alt account
hack on your game again, report again the same and they will be vanished from roblox and they won’t hack ur game again.