How to stop :MoveTo() animation?

So basically, I made a custom :Moveto() animation for an npc. After they have made it to 1 waypoint, they freeze for 1 second. However their custom walking animation keeps playing. I have tried most solutions, yet none worked as intended. (anchoring, 0 walkspeed, removing the animation completely)

Help is appreciated.

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isnt there a function to: animation:stop() ? mabye in another word but you get the point,
maybe try that instead of just doing that.

and if that doesnt work you can try having an idle animation activate (so it would overide the walking animation)

if any of this doesnt work: please explain the problem in more detail.
happy coding!

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I already sort of fixed it, I just disabled the pause on every waypoint, thanks for your reply though.

Have a nice day

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