How to stop player list from automatically showing when I enable it?

Basically whenever somebody holds a tool, I make the player list hide so it can’t be shown no matter what. When they stop holding the tool, I make the player list enabled again. The problem is, that the player list automatically shows whenever it gets enabled again.

I want it to be enabled back to the players settings. So for example, if the player pressed TAB to hide it, then I want it to stay hidden when the player unequips the tool.

It works for the chat, but not for the player list. If there is no way to do it, then they should make an option to show/hide the player list without disabling/enabling it.

I just replicated this in studio, the player list automatically appeared as if TAB has been pressed, I don’t really see anything related to PlayerList in SetCore so I don’t think you can do much about it

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Well that sucks. It would be a useful feature though, so I think somebody should suggest it to be added.