How to stop reflection

Hello! I want to add some lighting to my game, but the light always gets reflected from my objects which is just a pain to look at.

How would I prevent this?
I am not the best at studio^^


Lower the brightness of it, change the color to a dimmer one and see how it works

I tried doing that, but the chess pieces still don’t look good.

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This error that you just specified is pretty common.
I can diagnose you with the overreaction of light reflectance.
If you use Smooth Plastic and you have used the colors of (255,255,255,) or (0,0,0). You will get this:

I have solutions for this problem in particular. I went through this problem before.
So what I will advise you to do is to lower the Brightness or Range of your PointLight.

But, I would assume that your chess pieces have textures in them. Remove the textures of the chess pieces and the chessboard.

Neon Treatment | Best Solution
The image below shows solutions for parts only.

For the meshes, Go to the texture then make sure it’s empty. Then change the material and colors the same as the part solution.

Neon Treatment | Compared to Smooth Plastic?

Bloom | Possible Problem
Go to Lighting. light Then go and see if there is any BloomEffect bloom . If you find Bloom delete it immediately.

Lower down the Brightness in Lighting. | Solution
Go to Lighting light then go to Brightness in Properties. bright Then Lower it down.

Lower down the Brightness in PointLight. | Solution
Same steps as Lighting except it’s the PointLight you need to lower down.

Change your game’s technology. | Last Resort
Go to Lighting light then go to Technology and change it to Voxel. voxel . Delete your light source or PointLight.

If you have more problems. If they didn’t get solved reply back. If I solved this mark it as a solution post so others can know it’s helpful! @Ericden0310 :hidere:

Learn more about Light, and PointLight here:


Thanks a lot! This will definitely help me.

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I disagree. A bloom effect with “Threshold” on max (or any high number) removes all of the glow in a game. This probably doesn’t apply to this particular case, as the figures/board shouldn’t be neon.