How to stop script dumping?

I have stopped Dex but I want to know how to stop script dumping. I was thinking it lags when you do that how do I detect that please help


What is s script dumping? I never heard of this before.


You haven’t stopped Dex, and you won’t be able to stop script dumping either. This all happens client-sided. If exploiters dumping your scripts is a big problem then you are doing something wrong.

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I have you can use gcinfo() to stop dex.

That is just for checking memory spikes, an exploiter can just hookfunction gcinfo to return a low memory value so you can’t detect a thing. So no, you haven’t.

#game:GetDescendants() works as well

Hookfunctioning game.GetDescendants works as well, but if you want to discuss more feel free to dm me :upside_down_face:

if #game:GetDescendants() == nil or #game:GetDescendants() < Anotherway of getting how many parts are in the game then
localplayer:Kick() end

My best bet is to use Require() for your scripts and also try lua obfuscation.

For stopping dumping? I want have thought to try and detect the lag spike upon execution of the dumper or the text box / text labels that appear when you execute it synapse x uses text labels

no, you didn’t stop anything; you can’t stop anything that happens client-side exclusively.
if you’re having a problem with script dumping you’re simpling doing something horribly wrong.

I’m not having I problem with it u sit want to stop it.

Script dumping cannot be stopped from my knowledge. There isn’t much you can do for this Client Sided, but I believe if you store crucial scripts in ServerScriptService then you should be able to protect some scripts since they are server sided only, unlike Workspace, or ReplicatedStorage. For your β€œWanting to detect the lag spike” question, I don’t really think you can do that unless you wait for a specific GUI to appear in CoreGui, or PlayerGui, then kick the player, or kick them from the game if their frames drop to 1, since some exploits do that upon script injection, from those exploiter YouTube channels I’ve seen. hint hint Roblox

-Void_Xiety :white_heart:

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for you to stop script dumping due to the way LUA/Roblox is designed.

As long as you are a competent programmer and properly design your game, you should not have to worry about people knowing how your game works.

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If my gcinfo returns 69 (default for fresh baseplate) when you execute Dex it spike to 10069 round about surely checking that is an anti-Dex and there are work around a if they do hookfunction it like checking if the script errors or check if gcinfo returns a proper value by storing it as the game starts. if you for I = 1, #game:GetDecendants()you could check if the parent is Coregui and if the name is not whitelisted it kicks the playe

I do not know how to get fps so

Yeah, you could create a table for whitelisted GUIs, or do it the lazy way (like me) and just wait for a specific GUI. In this case, ScreenGui since most exploit scripts (including dex last time I checked*) use this.

I don’t either since I’m not a very good scripter, however people indeed have done this before, and I believe this thread right here could be of some help. It’s one I found just now.

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And how are you planning to do that with a script that doesn’t have permission level 1? You can’t index CoreGui because it would error since your average localscript or script doesn’t have level 1 permission.

Oh yeah, speaking of Permission Level 1, for some reason when I used a Local Script to detect if a certain GUI opened up in CoreGui (me being not-so-smart with scripting, and still am) did it anyways with CoreGui, and it still worked. So I don’t know if it really matters. :man_shrugging: