How to stop studio randomly restarting?

Shoot the category system is so confusing I am probably gonna get banned soon for using so many wrong categories.

However, my real problem is that whenever I am on the studio, studio randomly restarts and it’s it so annoying. Any idea of what it may be.

This is not the correct channel. Post this on #platform-feedback. (edit) Nevermind, I did not realize you are a new member.

Ahh!!! Frick!

New Members do not have access to create topics in #platform-feedback (Feature Requests and Bug Reports) and some other categories such as Documentation Requests / Learning Resources. They must use the post approval process to create these topics. This process can be used for creating or replying to a topic in any category that’s restricted from New Members. Feature requests and bug reports posted in any other category will be removed.

Why does this keep happening to me?!:sob:

I have been here over a year though,

The amount of time you’re on the devforum does not at all contribute to your status. Some get promoted to full member at different times than others. You’re still a new member, in which case you need to follow the post approval process to report a bug.

Okay I made this, Request: Posting Bug Report / Feature Request thingy. I hope I don’t accidentally do something wrong.

I’d rather have this thread locked at this point.

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As stated above, use the post approval process mentioned in the New Member FAQ to report a bug, engineers don’t look for bugs in Scripting Support.

When you’re reporting a bug, please follow the steps described here:

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