How to stretch a mesh

So I want to achieve something like this:

How can I do this but in studio?


Watch your video please.


Normally just by using meshes, this would be impossible to do in Roblox Studio. However you could technically get around that by using bones inside the mesh and just moving the bottom bone around to achieve a similar effect. Right now this is your best bet.

Is this how you use it?

Do you mean simply just moving around the mesh only from some specific points? Or do you mean shrinking specific points of it?

Just like the video:

Okay but what exactly just like the video? In the video youre moving a mesh from the top with an shrinked top and bottom, bottom being the most. While in the roblox studio youre kinda playing around with a straight block with a bone inside of it. If you simply just want to move around the mesh in a similar fashion then youll need to rig said mesh into blender (In order to actually give it said bone) and export it back into roblox.

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You can do this with bones. Exporting a mesh with bones is a pain, here is a guide I’ve used and still works: How to Import or Fix Skinned Mesh Rigs from Blender To Roblox

Its not enough to add bones to a mesh you’ve already exported. This is because a mesh designed (weight painted) with bones also has vertex weight information that tells it how much each bone affects each vertex. There’s basically no way you’d know this unless you’ve seen it before in a 3D modeling context. Wrap layers and targets are a way of doing simple deformations without that information, it is less flexible but might work for what you need.


Is there an easier way to do this? I am not a blender expert.

Never mind, I figured it out! :smiley:

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