How to structure script so hackers cant bypass it?

I want to structure a script that’s intertwined with Anti cheat in a way that hackers can’t delete and remake the remote event connections without the Anti cheat.
If the script is remade without Anti cheat then Anti cheat could be removed but i can’t figure out how to prevent hackers from just rewiring the remote event connections.

You can’t stop what hackers do on their clients, adding a client-sided anti-cheat would be fine, but for the longer term, it wouldn’t do much against exploiters and would get bypassed after a short while anyway.

What you can do, however, is you can create a server-sided anti-cheat or checks to make sure the data being sent to the server through RemoteEvents are valid.

i am bumping this as it has been 2 days

Adding a client anti-cheat is not that reliable as hackers can just use a simple script to delete it, somewhat like TheRealANDRO said.

What you can do is obfuscate your script so it will be difficult for them to read.

sadly it wont mostly work at all becuse all a exploiter has to do is inject a software and run a loadstring script to which roblox side of everything will think its within the engine plus as of rn from what i know that they all use the roblox on the microsoft store becuse thats where byrofron is not supported on that edition and roblox really has no control on that side since its microsoft that handles that side of edition as the publisher


I didn’t even know that they could do that-

Also Byfron is now in the UWP app (Microsoft)

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welp lets see where it goes then from here but so far as i said above is how exploiters was getting around it