How to swap the starting place of my game?

Although there is this notification of changes…

… I really couldn’t figure out how to change the starting place.

Have these two places:

I want Place2 to be the starting place (but the content of both places shall not change).

If I follow the instructions in the above post, I will simply overwrite the Place2 content over Place1, ie I will lose the Place1 content and I will have two identical copies and Place2 in both places…

How to swap the starting place of my game?


You can download Place1 as an .rbxl file, open Place2 and publish over Place1, and then open the .rbxl file and publish over Place1. It is not a great workflow but it will have to do until we allow start place changing (not likely to happen soon).


From the explanations of the official Roblox post, there is no way to easily change the starting place.
I think I got a solution to the above problem.
To make Place2 the starting place (and not lose the Place1 content), do the following:

  1. In Studio, open both Place1 and Place2
  2. In Place1, File → Publish as… and overwrite Place2
  3. In Place2, File → Publish as… and overwrite Place1
  4. Close all Studio instances and open it again

I cant seem to find place2,is it because place2 is inside place1?