How to switch code to ProfileService? Should i switch?

Hello, Devs.

recently, i’ve been really worried about my data saving system, It works just fine right now, but im very scared of data loss and stuff like that, So i thought maybe i should switch to ProfileService made by Loleris, Should i switch? Or should i stick to using UpdateAsync? Ive never used ProfileService before, i really dont know what im getting myself into, Even if i would switch, i have no idea how to, i really don’t feel like losing all data just because im switching to ProfileService. Can anyone help?


personally i’ve switched from DataStore2 to ProfileService. it wasn’t too bad but there was some bugs but those bugs were only because i was completely new to ProfileService. After i got over it, everything was set and done. I recommend switching to ProfileService but if you’re looking to save your old game data to PS then I’m out of knowledge on that.

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saving old game data is the reason why i am using UpdateAsync, i was using SetAsync before, but everytime i updated my game and added more stuff to buy (like a new category of items) then all past data would get overwritten, I’m only talking about ProfileService because i’m worried that UpdateAsync will fail or mess up.