How To Switch Start Places Without Destroying Original

I am working on a game called Hypothermia, and I made the menu place a different game, not knowing that I can’t switch start places (Not without some problems). I know sometime in June 2018 they did some update that causes this, and I know that you can “switch” start places, but I can’t do it without deleting the original start place. Is there a way where I can switch start places AND have the original start place still there, but as another place.

Unfortunately, there can’t be any images provided because the problem can only be explained verbal. If you really want to see something, please just say so.


A semi-simple workaround:

Current Start Place = Place A
New Start Place = Place B

  1. Create a third place, Place C.
  2. Open Place A in Roblox Studio.
  3. Use FILE > Publish to Roblox as… (Alt+Shift+P) and publish it to Place C.
  4. Open Place B in Roblox Studio.
  5. Publish to Roblox as… and overwrite Place A.
  6. Right click > Remove From Game on the now redundant non-start place copy, Place B.

Don’t do step 6 until you are happy that everything is correct and that you are deleting a copy that you don’t need anymore.