How to teleport players into a certain server

Hello, for the past few days I have been researching all over the devforum and hub to make this lobby system. The system works now but the plan with teleporting didn’t came out.

Basically when a players makes a lobby, they get teleported to a private server and when that server is active, the server publishes a message as a Global announcement which sends all the lobby info.

But the problem is, when a player teleports to that server when making a lobby, he will either:

  1. Get joined trough another existing server with a player
  2. Somehow got teleported to a fresh server with players active

I tried making the use of ReservedServers but then figured out that TeleportToInstance doesn’t work on that function.

I also tried making the use of CreatePlaceAsync() but also figured that it makes a place everytime and puts it into the player’s inventory. I don’t want to have the game have many Main Games cloned lol.

From all my researching in the devforums, almost none had helped me with this problem

Any help is appreciated

What function are you using right now to teleport players to the lobby place?

I remember there was an announcement about a new TeleportService API:

Maybe that new function, TeleportService:TeleportAsync, could help?

Also, TeleportService:ReserveServer noted some key “characteristics of reserved servers”:

Have you tried TeleportService:TeleportToPrivateServer? I’m assuming :TeleportAsync also supports this functionality.

Oh my tysm for this, I thought all hope was lost :sweat_smile: .

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