How to teleport the player character to a lookvector of another part

Hello! So, I am making door transitions to different rooms. I used lookvector for teleporting the character in front of the part but that seems to not work since it gave me errors. I tried methods online but they don’t solve my problem. Any help will be appreciated!

Can you give us your code that didn’t work?
I’m not quite understanding your problem.

If you to teleport infront of the part facing the direction it’s facing you would use cframe

Character:PivotTo(Part.CFrame) -- teleports you on the part or literally at the part
Character:PivotTo(Part.CFrame *, 0, -2)) -- puts you infront of part
Character:PivotTo(Part.CFrame *, 0, -2) * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0, math.rad(180), 0)) -- puts you infront of part and facing the part

Yeah sure, heres the line of code that is giving me errors:

hrp.CFrame = Door:FindFirstChild("TPPart").CFrame.LookVector * 4 
-- hrp = humanoid root part
-- Door = Model for door
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