How to tell how long a single side of a part is

So I need help finding how long a side of a part is. I already have code that tells me which side the ray is hitting, I just need help with code to find out how long that part is.

I have not really tried anything since I don’t know where to start.

Any help is appreciated.


I’m confused on your issue. If you know which side it hit, then correlate that to the size of the part. Where the Right/Left is the X size, Back/Front is the Z size, and Top/Bottom is the Y size.

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I should rephrase that, the size of a single side. On a 2 dimensional plane.

You might just need to draw a picture because what I just wrote is the size of that single side. You want a scalar of the surface you hit, yes? It’s the part’s size on that axis.

So could I used what you said, but just not use the Z?

You’re drawing has 0 relation to what I said. I did not say a 3D box. You can get the two sizes from a single surface.

If the surface hit the Right side, use the Z and Y axes for your 2D “size.” Perform similar metrics for other surfaces.

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Why did you just reply with old information when I gave you an alternative above? That’s a bit rude…? Just replying with a repeat of the picture.

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I labeled the different lines on the drawing of what you said, and I drew it with that information, so I thought it was appropriate to tell you what I was referencing when I started drawing. Although I think I see what you mean now.

image ------> image

Edit: Sorry if it seemed rude, I was just trying to understand what you were saying.

The side lengths of cuboid surfaces are subsets from the cuboid’s size Vector3. If you have a surface whose normal is parallel to the objects Z unit vector, then the surface side lengths are size.Y and size.X

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