How to tell if free models have a virus inside them?

Sometimes i check free models and delete scripts and suspicious things but it still spreads bad code in my game how can you be 100% sure you removed all of the bad things?


1: check the approval rating of the free model, make sure that there is a fair amount of people voting the like button
2: Make sure its not a replica of a more well known model
3: Check all scripts when you input it into the game. Sometimes there will be hidden pieces of code on the far right.
4: Use a antivirus plugin to check


This helps a lot thanks, i will make sure too do these things next time!

If it has code in it where there shouldn’t be code, it’s a virus.

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Try this simple plugin i made. select a model or any object and it will print out in the console if there is a script found. Model Script Finder - Roblox


Aswell as you should look for:

  1. game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):PromptPurchase(game.Players.LocalPlayer, ID), however some scripts such as Mannequin model scripts need this to function, in instances such as a tree model, if you find something like that in a script that makes the leaves move, that is going to be classed as a virus model.
  2. :Destroy(), but take into consideration many scripts use this function and should be only looked for in models that do not require advanced-scripts.
  3. :Kick()
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Also look out for

while true do

as it may be a lag generator


I’ll give you a tip. You can always search for the following instances when you use free models

4D – 4DBeing

Guest - Guest talking script
Oh Snap

The “…” is a name of virus

These are the names I know from all the virus I had when using free models, hope it helps!


If I ever use free models I make a new baseplate, and use the command bar to delete all scripts inside the free model then import it into my game.

The main way to tell is to inspect each part of the model. Even if it’s a widely used asset, it could still be a virus! If any of the models you use have code in them, check it! Delete it immediately if it has any webhooks, teleports, etc.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Also looking for ‘getfenv’ helps a lot.

There are many solutions to this.

  1. Looking for a script named, “Vaccine.” The most common way to determine if a line of script is a virus.
  2. Getting a anti-virus plugin. I would recommend “Server Defender.”
  3. Checking the ratings should help give you an idea.
  4. And checking the comments on a model (if its open) to see if its truly a virus.

I would recommend to not use free models. Unless made by Roblox or the model has high ratings.

Something I often find is a fire spread virus, if there is fire in the free model where it is not supposed to be, then it’s a virus.

Press ctrl (or cmd) +shift+f. Then, search all of the following:


if there is a :wait() function with it, it should help with having less lag