How to tell if someone has stepped on my model?

I have a model and I was wondering, how do I detect if a player is currently standing on it?

Use .Touched event. Also look at youtube and other post, I’m sure there is a video/ thread on this.

You’ll have to loop through every part in the model and connect them to a touched event

That doesn’t work, models don’t have Touched event.

Works, however if the part involves a lot of part then it’s going to lag and cause performance issue because of execessive languages.

Just use a hitbox part and connect to that touched event.

Oh right, I misread. Sorry about that. I guess you can make an invisible hitbox and check whether that’s touched or you can do what @NeoGaming_RBLX said. Though you will have performance issues.

I remember someone made an open sourced model for this.

Touch events will not work, What if they hit it with their arm? or should I do touch event with the very bottom of their foot, then see if it is touching a part that I put right over the model?

You COULD check if it was the character’s foot

if hit.Name == "RightFoot" or ... then --You get the idea