How to tell when a player is /e dancing?

I’m attempting to make a system that changes a player’s face when they’re dancing. How do I tell when the player is specifically doing an emote dance such as /e dance?

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Easy and hacky way out is to check if the emote animation is playing or not using Animator#GetPlayingAnimationTracks

The better and non-hacky way is to modify the animate script to allow for such information to be transferred.


I believe you could track the player’s chat messages to detect this specific animation and then utilize Humanoid.StateChanged to determine if the animation has stopped.

However, this approach may not be effective in cases where you want to detect the use of custom animations (non-chatable animations) and may be somewhat hacky, unconventional.

The best course of action, as previously stated by @hayper1919, is to modify the animator scripts to provide informations about the current animation, while including a signal for animation changes.

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