How to test Gamepasses in a Group Game?

I hope this cathegorie is the rigt one for my question :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,

Like my topic says i am currently working on a game (made it in a group)

I just have added some Gamepasses and i would know how to you test them in a group ?

Are you first creating them as a player and after that as group creation or is there an other way ?

Would be nice if someone could help/give me feedback.

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You could replace the MarketPlaceService if statement with an if statement saying if plr.Name = "Your Character Name" then. Atleast that is what I do.

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you could make the price to like… 1 robuck and once the game is released, you can change it… or make a gamepass by yourself and test it for free, if it works for a gamepass you made then it should work for the group gamepass too, right?


Ohhhh somethimes i feel stupid :slight_smile: the idea with 1 $ is so simple and so good. Thank you verry much

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For the game passes if you buy in studio it should just be free and a test. It’s better the spending Robux it adds up after a while.


Studio has a feature that allows you to test purchases without spending any money. You may need to add caching from your end (which is good practice anyway, test purchase or not) which you can accomplish through the use of the prompt finish events.