How to test Mobile Support?

One of the biggest struggles I have is testing mobile support for games with custom controls.

Do you have any advice for testing these?

EDIT: For context - I am not referencing Emulating on PC. I’m asking if any of you have advice for Streamlining testing Mobile controls on an actual device, Like testing tilt controls on a Smartphone, besides publishing and testing on a separate game.


You are actual able to do this in studio.
In the top right of the screen you should see something that says ui click that.

Are you referring to the “Emulate device” option?
I’m aware of this, in fact I use it to design Mobile UI layout.

The issue is I cannot test the actual controls. Roblox doesn’t differentiate clients unless you specify what Input type it is. And to determine Mobile you’d need touch support (Which does not seem to get emulated by Studio)

Currently the only way I’ve been able to do this (And testing other controls like Motion control) is by Publishing to a Private game and Playing it on a Phone. This has become very cumbersome in the long run.

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maybe you should try using blue stacks if you want an alternative way of emulating

I’m not an expert with Mobile Support with buttons, UI, and that general area, but you can look over on the Developer Hub as those helped me and my team out in certain situations whenever trying to fork our game to become more reliable on mobile.

You could somewhat visit the Create Mobile Buttons article/page and maybe the Customizing Game Controls on any device such as mobile, tablets, console and other devices that are configurable with buttons and support for these devices if that’s what you’re referring to the original question. These articles have helped me out when trying to configure and test out mobile support from laptop > mobile/tablet.

To my best knowledge, you can’t test these on a Laptop/PC to see the tilting or buttons as you need another device to do this, or a “hacky” way that I had in my brain, don’t know about the tilting part as I’ve never seen a game or demonstration on how to do that in studio.

I suggest testing other devices if you have one of those devices or a developer or a friend that might have that device to test UI and game controls overall, that’s my advice and if there is more context or questions or more context as what you’re asking for. :+1:

Thanks, It’d be great to have some sort of “Stream to Device” for Studio testing. But for now I guess I’ll do the same as I’ve done before.


The best thing you can do is, on the Roblox mobile app, signed into your account - you can join your own experience from the app itself. Publish your current state in Roblox Studio to Roblox to ensure that it saves, then join via the mobile app. The experience does not have to be published in order to join it under your own account. By that, I mean it doesn’t have to be activated and viewable to the public to play it. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Yes! I’d love this and was just thinking about this right now!

I’ve had to dive into some mobile bugs that have been happening on our game and Roblox’s emulation mode is not really great for anything other than UI; the pop-up keyboard doesn’t even function.

Being able to have better controls when starting a test server, such as being able to configure a port and whitelist local IPs to connect to the local running server would be an amazing thing! Could even just use the normal Roblox app and allow us to connect to a local server, though this is definitely not gonna happen, still would be great lol.

Anyway, sorry for the technically useless comment, just thought I’d add in and who knows, maybe this will bump the thread.

For now, I’ll just have to publish and test. :unamused:

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Would also want this kind of solution it’s weird roblox hasn’t added it when like half of all players use mobile