How to test your exploit system?

So I have had exploiters play my
Game before and I had a exploit system like how do you really want to test the system


You could always do it in studio. An example is if let say it was an anti exploit which if you run an event from the client it kicks you just run it from either in-studio or in the panel in-game.

You want to try to add the things you have blocked in your exploit system and add the into your character / so

I’ve made in studio exploit testing systems before. They aren’t to complicated to make basic ones.

Use the Studio command bar to execute code locally like an exploit does when testing.

Let’s say you added an anti-WalkSpeed exploit.
Just change the value of your WalkSpeed, by using workspace and going into your humanoid (or make a script)

make a loadstring in studio so you can test it.

A simple solution would be to use loadstring with a text box. You cannot use the lua loadstring() function on the client: you would need a bytecode interpreter.

I used this one and it works well, I don’t know about the performance though.