How to test your game in fullscreen

How to test your game in fullscreen?
I’m wondering how to test my game in fullscreen, I’m asking before I sleep so please help me because tomorrow I’m continuing my game “Sparta”.

Please help me guys tomorrow I will review all the replys, thank you for your patience.

In studio, just go to the View tab that is in your taskbar. Your taskbar is above you. After you click View go to Fullscreen and click it. hope this helped!

Are you sure about that? It hides everything and keeps the playtest only fullscreen?

Ok, so I’m replying you on my mobile, so today I might see, if this helped I will make your reply the solution, thank you very much!

I am very sure about that (30 letters 30 lets))))

Unfortunately, Roblox removed the “Game View” feature in 2014-ish, so you must view studio’s interface now.

idk, is this real or something sus?
at least, here’s my roblox preview on mac:

i will show you the details i wanted:


i wanted to playtest in fullscreen
but idk how
and i need someone pro

Unfortunately mysticalsunshine22, it just doesn’t fullscreen the playtest.

It is real. Here’s some images:
Click the “Roblox Studio” button at the bottom left of the viewport to toggle Roblox Studio’s interface. This will allow you to test your game as if you were in Play Solo mode.

Later, the feature was renamed to “Game Layout.” Access it through the “View” menu:

The feature is not available anymore in Roblox studio anymore:

If it existed, it would show up in the quick view customization menu.


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