How-to: Todo List


Here is an explanation regarding how to use my todo list plugin.

Adding tasks

Tasks can be added in one of two ways:

  • In a script, add a comment that starts with ‘todo’ (case is not important)

    -- todo Complete this task
  • In any object, add a string value called ‘todo’ (again, case is not important)


Viewing your todo list

Selecting any object with a todo list will automatically open a popup with each of the tasks.


You can also view the global todo list by toggling the plugin


Clicking on any item in a todo list will take you direction to it’s location (be that in your script, or in the game itself).

Completing items

When you’ve completed an item simply delete the comment or remove the string value from the object.


Looks nice, I’ll probably use it! I’d recommend having a way to directly delete todos without having to open up scripts and all that.

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Great plugin, but I’d love it more if there was a way to resize the window.
Most of the time, I’m working on a small monitor and it ends up covering a big part of the screen.


Small things that would be nice:

  • I dragged my small pane off the screen and now I can’t get it back
  • When I select multiple items can I get the item I was meant to be working on in the small window? Similar to that in the large window
  • Have access to the full list of things to do without taking up the entire screen
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I’d rather keep further discussion on the other thread, this is merely a tutorial for those who may struggle to use it the first-time.

To answer the questions in this thread.

  • I will not add a way to delete todos, simply because I don’t want to accidentally delete any code in the process. (They’re easy enough to delete as it is in my opinion too).
  • Size:
    – I’ll potentially add a button to close the small window, and it’ll reopen when you reselect any relevant objects.
    – I’ll attempt to come up with a nicer design that isn’t full screen for the main list.
  • I’ll constrain the position of the guis so they can’t be dragged off of the screen.
  • I’ll separate each item in the smaller window so you know what instance they belong to.