How to track which gamepass device have bought in creations hub?

How to track which game pass devices have been bought in the creations hub? As far as I know, we can only know the last 72 hours’ time how many Robux we have got from VIP servers, commissions, and game passes, but how to know the most devices, that have bought certain games? Or do we need them in the game script? But how to create such a script?


I don’t think it is possible to determine the device that purchases the item.

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related to the topic, i think that would be one of best and simplest update that could bring roblox to developers!

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Yes, it would. I heard you could submit feature requests through @Bug-Support

This would be very useful for security and privacy reasons.

Would be great if you or someone else post about it, because I have 0 access to post anything there…

No, you click on it…