How to transfer the terrain to an already created place?

Hello. We have fun - we create maps with different people on a given topic and then combine them into one big world.
Now I have such a problem: I need to collect all the cards in one game, but with a simple connection with portals, my profile is full of dozens of starting places. In order to get rid of a bunch of places, I’m trying to copy them into one game, but I don’t know how to copy large landscapes with dungeons in them, created by a terrain editor.


You can use this plugin and select your terrain click copy then paste it into your new studio and open the plugin and click import. It will have everything transferred over such as the colors and terrain design, if you referring to Roblox terrain and not part terrain.


Yes thanks, it works. My life has gotten a little better since then.


How to use the plugin and how to load the terrain?
I don’t know how to use it.

Hey! Maybe @sleitnick could answer your question.