How to transfer to DataStore2?

Hello guys, I recently released my game but I’m getting reports of data loss when players rejoin. I heard DataStore2 is a good method to save player data but I am unsure of how to go from normal datastores to the datastore2 module. Help is appreciated!

Have you read the tutorial on it by Kampfkarren himself?

I know how to use it, I am just unsure of how to transfer data from normal datastores to datastore2.

There is no way to iterate through a datastore so a good way to migrate would be to change your code to support DataStore2 and then move everyone’s data into a DataStore2 store on PlayerAdded.

you’ll have to see whether a player has data in DataStore2, if not, then get data through the current DataStore and save using DataStore2

Is this the right way to do it?

local Modules = script.Modules
local PlayerData = {};
local Data = {};
local DataStoreService = game:GetService("DataStoreService")
local PlayerSavesDatastore = DataStoreService:GetDataStore("ALPHA_RELEASE") -- original datastore
local DataStore2 = require(Modules:WaitForChild('DataStore2'));
local GetDataValues = require(Modules:WaitForChild('DataValues')); --returns table with default data

--//Player Added
	local UserId = tostring(P.UserId);
	local _, DataStore = pcall(function()
		if PlayerSavesDatastore:GetAsync(UserId) ~= nil then
			print("Previous data from old data store found, level "..PlayerSavesDatastore:GetAsync(UserId).Level)
			return DataStore2("ALPHA_RELEASE",P) --old datastore key
	PlayerData[UserId] = DataStore;
	Data[UserId] = PlayerData[UserId]:GetTable(GetDataValues(UserId))

This is what I have for saving:

--//Save Data Function
local function saveData(Plr,Table)
	local UserId = tostring(Plr.UserId);
	local DataStore = PlayerData[UserId];

--//Player Removing
	local UserId = tostring(P.UserId);
--	Data[UserId].Info['Last Online'] = os.time();
	local DataTable = Data[UserId];
	if (not (DataTable)) then
	PlayerData[UserId] = nil;
	Data[UserId] = nil;