How to use DataStore2 - Data Store caching and data loss prevention

Adding different save slots might be a cool feature.

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Uploaded v1.0.2:

This fixes an issue with :Save() overriding itself when called more than once on the same store. As always, it’s published on the model and tell me if this breaks anything.

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Is there a way to edit a player’s data through studio?

Like in the event I forget to shutdown a game for maintenance, and they happen to join while I’m editing something that requires Data stores & they run into it before it was planned for release.

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You can by making a mock player to pass into DataStore2 and using the command line (i.e. a table with a UserId, and shims for whatever else DataStore2 uses like PlayerRemoving).


If anyone has :SetBackup(3) examples to show, I’ll appreciate! :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there a way to transfer data from roblox’s datastore to datastore2?

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No, but you can have your code check if the player has no data in DataStore2 to make a check to the original data store. If there’s data in the original store, transfer it over to DataStore2.


Can you provide an example for this? I know that Crazyman’s datastore plugin can edit specific datastores but I don’t think it’s compatible with this.

It works with this, it’s just a bit tedious.

As for what I mentioned, I believe you can do something like:

DataStore2("storeName", { UserId = userId, PlayerRemoving ="BindableEvent").Event }), use that, then call :Save() on it. DataStore2 doesn’t check if it’s a real player.


We have started using your datastore module for Balloon Simulator (

We have not any reports for data lost issues! The game detects if you are in the old datastore and then transfers your data to Datastore2.

Good job on making that module :slight_smile:


Hey, I have been messing around with this for a bit now. I noticed when I setup a callback function for :OnUpdate() under as CombinedDataStore

It calls the callback function twice. So I did some digging and I noticed that when I call :Set() it triggers the callback function twice.

Should the _dontCallOnUpdate be true for when :Set() is called (snippet down below)? Since, self:_Update() being called twice anyways.

function CombinedDataStore:Set(value)
	local tableResult = self.combinedStore:GetTable({})
	tableResult[self.combinedName] = value
	self.combinedStore:Set(tableResult, true)

Right now, nothing being pass for _dontCallOnUpdate

Other than that minor issue, great module so far! :+1:


Isn’t this abusable by exploiters to make infinite money?

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No? The example is in a server script and the server will still have authority.

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I’ll fix it, thanks for the find.

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Are you sure the issue is not that :OnUpdate is called when any data store of a combined data store is called? That’s what I’m observing right now.

Can you try this version of the code and tell me if the issue comes up?


Maybe? I just tried that version and I am unable to get the issue anymore.


Alright, I’ll push that to production later.


Can i store a table to a single key? For example I want to store quest status for various quests for each player.


I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to.

I’ve always seen people using this but never got around to properly have a look myself. I can certainly see myself using this in the future - nice job.