How to transform a part's velocity into a single number?

I am trying to do a fall damage script, but I have a problem. I know that BasePart.Velocity is deprecated, and the working ones are made from a bunch of gibberish (to me).
So how would I transform the BaseParts velocity into a number? E.g. 15

if it’s just fall damage then all you need is the Y Velocity.

print(BasePart.Velocity.Y) – Prints Y only which is a single digit

But wasn’t BasePart.Velocity deprecated?

I’m not sure why it’s deprecated nor did I know, but I still use velocity sometimes instead of bodymovers, and i don’t see how you’d get the velocity of a part if you don’t use that.

Well, guess I’ll use it. Thanks.

and i don’t think it’ll cause problem for what you’re gonna do since you only need to read the velocity

But here’s the new properties i guess, i haven’t actually read them yet but they could be useful if you don’t wanna use velocity anymore

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yea i think you can use AssemblyLinearVelocity Instead well if you want

Using Velocity.Magnitude would be more accurate than Velocity.Y

I am going with AssemblyLinearVelocity.Y. But thanks.