How to transition animations seamlessly

I’m a relatively decent coder, I just have had this lingering problem following me when-ever I work on
newer renditions of my Civil War Weaponry. Any help on this would be amazing as I’ve experienced this
problem for a long while now throughout multiple variants and have tried many methods over a long time.

  1. What do you want to achieve? Seamless Animation transitions

  2. What is the issue? Small stutter between animations

  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Here are a few I’ve tried throughout time
  • Using Animation.Stopped:Wait() and then playing an “Idle” animation that serves as
    a “freeze-frame” to stay at when the animation ends.

  • Using Animaton:Play(fadeTime) to try and mediate these hops

  • Using wait(Animation.Length), setting the time to the ending frame and using
    Animation:AdjustSpeed(0) as another sort of “freeze-frame”

Here is the current way I’m handling the Animation, this is via a ModuleScript.

I know this post is quite old, and I hate to revive it, but it’s gone unsolved. It’s a big issue for me, and it’s funny as I’m also trying to do the same thing with the same weapon (musket). I’ve tried various solutions but to no avail. If anyone is able to solve this issue, please reply! I’m willing to test anything. Tomorrow I will try doing animations on individual clients and seeing if it works.
Video of the issue:

Sorry for the extremely late reply, but what I’ve realised is that from my experience this only occurs in studio, and on the client; on the server and the main game, I haven’t had this issue.