How to triangulate a polygon

Well, as the title says I want to know how to triangulate a polygon as I reviewed the code from

but sadly it doesn’t work in all of the cases(anti clockwise placed nodes) and I was looking for any articles explaining the maths behind this and possible pseudocode y’all can give me to guide me.

Pretty sure there is a Plugin for that (this) and a somewhat useful tutorial for it (tutorail).

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Sadly that isn’t what I’m looking for as I want to do in live-game as a floor placement system which can be made from nodes given by the player, obviously I don’t want the player to set manually everything and I want a good enough algorithm that can fit to player needs

Welp that’s not in my expertise :sweat_smile:

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Bump? I can’t found any article talking about it.

Bumping again, it is pretty frustrating that you get views but nobody replies.