How to tween a model 2023?

Hello! I’m trying to tween a model but end up getting results like this:


What’s supposed to happen is that the gray box follows wherever the crown goes since it’s part of the same model.

I tried following other Devforum posts’ steps where they welded everything to one object, then tween the primary part’s position but it does not work. I also tried tweening the model’s position itself, but that resulted in an error.

Weld attempt 1:
Weld attempt 2:

I don’t think it’s a coding problem since the crown is moving…

The reason from weld constraint documentation:

  • If a welded part’s Position is updated, that part will move but none of the connected parts will move with it. The weld will recalculate the offset from the other parts based on the moved part’s new position.

The solution from also the same documentation:

  • If a welded part’s CFrame is updated, that part will move and all of the connected parts will also move, ensuring they maintain the same offset as when the weld was created.

Also found in community tutorials:

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Well make sure the welded parts are unanxhored ir they will stay in place. The only part that needs to be anchored is the part that is being tweened.

Does not work:

Let me try this out and, i’ll mark as solution if it works

You know what, this method does work, my bad

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It’s alright, but I saw parts with emitters and light in them, I believe it is better to use attachments instead. because they dont need to be welded and they dont put extra weight on the crown.

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