How to tween a model on client (localscript)?

Hello, im tweening a model position, by ConstraintWelding all parts to the tweened part, marking them all unanchored except for the tweened part, etc…
It works on server, but not on client; it’s like the WeldConstraints weren’t recognised in a localscript (it only tweens the part, but ignores all the other, welded parts). I’ve also tried to creating the WeldConstraints on local runtime but doesn’t work either.
What im trying to do is giving a little life to a pair of models on a tycoon, but on LocalScript to avoid taking too much memory from the server.

Try tweening its CFrame instead of its position. I’ve had an issue like this before where I was tweening with position and didn’t work, but worked fine with CFrame.


worked like a charm. Thank you!