How to union every part in a model?

I want to union all BaseParts in a Model. How is this possible?

Do I need to union the first then the second, then union the first union to another part, and so on? Or is it possible to union them all at the same time?

I don’t think anyone has made this on YouTube, so I haven’t checked there.

Just select all the Parts in Studio and Union them.

Or are you trying to do this in-game?

Doesn’t sound like something you can automate via script since you need a specific sequence you couldn’t describe in lua. What’s the application? There may be a better method.


I want to union parts in a model ingame, because I don’t want to have to union parts in-Studio, that is a last resort. I’m making a script that clones a value into Unions after making parts in a folder, accidentally said “Model”, and the value allows them to be picked up.

I’ll just accept this, I don’t absolutely need to do it anyway. Thank you.