How to update a post on talent hub

How do I do update a job post since It would stay long behind after few days?

Updating your job topic is pretty simple! First, you need to go to the Talent Hub website (located on the Creator Hub platform and

While having the interfaces loaded up fully, in the right corner, above the surface of the website, click on your profile → Manage Job Posts:

This area not only is going to make you analyse your job topics, related to the title and description, you can also determinate if you want to keep it open/close.

I was wondering if editing post would put the post on the top again or do I have to post an entirely new post? Also why does my post have triangle with “!”?


As your comment wasn’t replying to mine, I did not receive the notification. However, here I am to continue responding and help with your case:

  • Editing the post, independent of the area of compensation/description/title/etc is not going to return on the topic, it will be in the same spot. Therefore, if by, and you want to precisely find yours in a view of a regular player, you would have to look for the next pages;

  • :warning: → This is a symbol where indicates that players won’t be able to see your post temporarily until it has been approved by moderators. That happens whenever creating job posts and editing them.