How to update walking animation, without having to stop

Hi everyone, just wanted to know if its possible to update player walking animation without stopping.

character.ChildAdded:Connect(function()-- child added (expecting a tool)
		if character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Tool") then-- checking if player is holding a tool, if so animation changes to another one =""..14253811514 else -- spear hold walk =""..14253738701-- default walk
	character.ChildRemoved:Connect(function()-- child removed(expecting a tool to be removed)
		if not character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Tool") then-- checks if player isnt holding a tool, if so back to default walk, else keep same animation =""..14253738701--default walk
		else =""..14253811514-- spear handed walk

this script changes animations when player equips or unequips a tool, but if i keep walking while doing it, animation will only update after i stop walking.

you could probably modify the animate script by adding a remote event into it that reloads the animations and fire it whenever a tool is added

Link the animation change to the Tool.Equipped and Tool.Unequipped events respectively. Those can be found here:

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