How to upload a thumbnail to a place that isn't the start place of my experience?

So for my new game, I have a pretty solid thumbnail for it, that shows up when my game is loading, and looks nice, like here:

However, there is a subsidiary place of the experience that isn’t the start place. And the loading screen background is the default ROBLOX thumbnail, which doesn’t look good, and makes my game look unprofessional, as seen here:

Is there a way I can get the thumbnail from the start place to show up in the loading screen of the subsidiary place(s)? Or would I have to make a custom loading screen for the others?

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I think you can by going to Roblox creator dashboard>Places>place name>thumbnail

The only options I get are “Basic Settings”, “Access”, “Version History” and “Permissions.” However, if I click the start place, another option called “Icon” and “Thumbnails” pops up.

Edit: You can try putting /thumbnails instead of /configure at the end of the url, but it returns a 404 for me, so it sounds like this isn’t possible.

This is the same issue I was having as well. I don’t believe there is another option, I think I will have to create a custom loading screen.

Unfortunately, you can’t.

The thumbnail only applies to the start place of your experience. The best solution right now is to use a custom loading screen.

I tried making a custom loading screen. It only displays when the game has actually loaded in, before that, while it is waiting to connect, it still shows this:

Not really sure what else I can do for this besides give up

Did you make a loading screen that uses PreloadAsync? It should only show that screen for a split second.

I did use PreloadAsync, and it still does it, as seen here:

Here’s the code I used:

local ContentProvider = game:GetService("ContentProvider")
local assets = {

if game.PlaceId == 11245571313 then --- only fire this in the single player version

	local PlayerGUI = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("PlayerGui")

	local GUI = script.LoadingScreen:Clone()
	GUI.Parent = PlayerGUI

	repeat task.wait(1) until game:IsLoaded()

  1. Go to the creator dashboard
  2. Select your game
  3. Click the “Places” button.
  4. Select the place you want to change the thumbnail on
  5. Click “Thumbnails” and then upload your thumbnail.

As others here have said, you can only do that for the Start Place. You cannot do that for any other place that isn’t the start place, as the “Thumbnail” option doesn’t appear in the other places.

Here’s a GIF showing it.